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What types of suspension permanent magnets are commonly used

Suspension permanent magnet manufacturer: In the process of initial treatment of construction waste, the distribution of construction waste is relatively dispersed due to the lack of concentration of buildings to be demolished. If you set up a factory and build a fixed production line to deal with construction waste, you need to transport construction waste over long distances. This will not only increase the cost of transportation, but also bring secondary pollution to the environment. Therefore, in the construction waste treatment production line, Use a separator.

The crushing of construction waste and the breaking of mine stones are completely different. Although the crushers are used, the construction waste contains scrap steel and light materials, which are difficult to break. This requires separation of the steel bars during the crushing process. It is the iron remover that everyone often says. The iron remover is installed in the construction waste, and the construction waste is automatically separated during the process of crushing.

There are several main characteristics of suspension permanent magnets:

1. The magnetic performance is stable, the magnetic circuit design is unique, the magnetic force of the equipment is strong, the magnetic field gradient is high, and the suction force far exceeds the national standard iron remover;
2. The drum drum type has the function of automatic deviation correction. It adopts the fully sealed cast steel bearing seat to ensure the long-term trouble-free operation of the equipment in various harsh environments.
3. Suspension permanent magnets are widely used in construction waste treatment and other industries.

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