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When installing the Overband Magnet, be sure to operate as required

The installation of the Overband Magnet makes it a key part of the use process. During the use of the customer, it will inevitably encounter problems in the installation. Many people do not know how to solve this problem, in order to facilitate the better installation of the equipment. The following is a detailed description of the installation requirements for the Overband Magnet:

1. Before installing the Overband Magnet, check the reliability of the connection at both ends of the hanging device;
2. The suspension height of the Overband Magnet is initially set to the height ≤ H adjustment measurement. If it is inclined installation, in addition to the height ≤ H, it is also necessary to detect the pitch (H) when installing the angle separator.
3. It is necessary to check the safety and reliability of the track limit device of the Overband Magnet trolley and the stability of the trolley operation;
4. After walking the trolley to reach the limit of iron absorption and iron discarding, the center of the Overband Magnet should be aligned with the belt center and the abandoned iron trolley center;
5. If the two iron removers are installed on a belt, check whether the alternate operation is in place according to the program control requirements, and it is stable and reliable. No more than ten times of each vacant test, no problem, can be put into trial production operation;
6. After putting into production trial operation, pay special attention to observe the operating status of the host. Suck. The ability to reject iron, the accuracy of the stop position after the limit. Is it confusing to run the program alternately.
7. Pay attention to the operation status of the Overband Magnet and the ability to suck and reject iron. It is possible to artificially introduce different weights and different shapes of miscellaneous iron into the material to be conveyed, and to detect the suction and abandonment ability of the host, and if necessary, adjust the lifting height or inclination. (You can’t put too much weight in the test, too sharp iron).
8, continuous trial production run 24h without any problems can be formally put into production.

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