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Where are the Belt Magnetic separators

The Belt Magnetic  iron remover is disposed at the discharge port of the material hoist, which can remove the ferromagnetic material inside the material, avoiding the circulation of the magnetic material in the V-type separator, and making the V-type separator operate more efficiently, and The protection of the following equipment is provided, and the roll surface of the roller press is not damaged during use, so that the life of the roller press is prolonged, and the output of the mill is improved.
The Belt Magnetic iron remover is arranged below the selected extension, that is, the coarse powder return tank. The iron impurities in the coarse powder and the small steel segments and steel balls flowing out through the sieve plate in the mill can be removed to prevent the iron impurities from entering the air flow tank twice, so that the speed of the air flow is further increased, and the coarse powder is re-grinded. . Because the iron remover avoids the secondary regurgitation of the iron impurities after the use of the iron remover, the grinding time of the coarse powder is shortened, and the output of the mill is increased by about 12%, thereby obtaining higher production efficiency.
The Belt Magnetic iron remover is set at the exit position of the cement hoist, that is, the packaging machine grabs the house, and the ferromagnetic impurities of the small particles flowing out of the mill sieve through the mill sieve plate and the metal substances generated by the wear of the equipment can be removed. The protection of the impeller of the steel impeller and the packaging machine is realized, the cement output is guaranteed, and the life of the packaging machine is also prolonged.

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