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Where does the belt magnetic separator remove

The belt magnetic separator includes two parts: a body and a bolt removing mechanism. The magnetic circuit of the magnetic body of the belt magnetic separator is properly arranged. The magnetic field has strong field strength and large depth of magnetic permeability, and can adapt to iron removal under the condition of large material thickness. Moreover, since the belt magnetic separator is a fully sealed structure, special processing is carried out by vacuum drying and the like in the production process, so that dust and harmful gases can be well prevented from being damaged, and the environment and climate are highly adapted. Ideal life.
1. The belt magnetic iron remover is designed as a fully sealed natural cooling structure, which can well avoid moisture, dust and harmful gas damage to the coil, has good adaptability to climate and environment, and has reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and stable performance. reliable.
2. The design of the magnetic circuit has been optimized to have a high magnetic permeability depth, and the geometry of the spatial magnetic field is approximately rectangular hemispherical shape, so the suction force is stronger than other similar products.
3. The excitation coil is vacuum dried and filled with special filling materials to improve the mechanical and electrical properties, thus having a long service life.
4. The belt magnetic separator has excellent matching, and various rectifier equipments have perfect functions, which can be adapted to different operation requirements of various use occasions.

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