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Why can the suspension permanent magnet be impressive

There is a kind of equipment used in mining, chemical, glass processing, food and other industries that have a good performance. It is a suspension permanent magnet that everyone is familiar with. Many people may understand this kind of equipment, and some people may I don’t know much about it yet. I will briefly introduce the suspension permanent magnet separator for everyone today. Suspension permanent magnet is a kind of common iron remover. The appearance of this type of machine solves the problem of iron removal in various industries to a large extent. It generates a strong attraction in operation and adsorbs the iron impurities contained in the material. Come out to achieve the effect of removing iron.

The suspension permanent magnet uses a powerful magnetic core composed of high-strength permanent magnets and a double magnetic pole structure. The magnetic circuit is simulated by a computer. The magnetic pole has a large adsorption area and can automatically pick up ferromagnetic debris from the moving material. Compared with other iron-removing equipment, the suspension permanent magnet has the advantages of high efficiency, durability and ease of use. As we all know, if a suspension permanent magnet is used in the mine, it will have more requirements, such as working. The environmental requirements may be higher, which also plays the role of a suspension permanent magnet, which can maintain trouble-free work in a harsh environment, which is a requirement that many iron-removing equipment cannot meet, which makes us suspend The permanent magnet is more admired and more reliable, and it is also an important reason for the impressive appearance.

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