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Why does the Overband Magnet use a composite magnetic system

The popularity of Overband Magnet is the result of technological advancement. The advancement of science and technology and magnetic production technology has created new vitality for Overband Magnet, and the Overband Magnet have stronger strength. New challenges in the market. Weifang Henderson Magnetics has always been committed to improving the technology and magnetic system to create a device that can bring customers a better experience.
The Overband Magnet uses a composite magnetic system obtained by combining a special rare earth magnetic material NdFeB, so that it has a stronger attraction. The composite magnetic system can be continuously excited without being energized, and is suitable for being suitable. Used in an environment that works continuously. It has the advantages of maintenance-free, strong magnetic force, long service life, easy installation, convenient use and reliable operation.
The Overband Magnet can adapt to different working environments, and also has the functions of dustproof, rainproof and anti-corrosion.
The Overband Magnet has stable quality, mature technology and reliability, and can continuously carry out iron removal operations, and is suitable for occasions with less iron.
As the saying goes, no one is perfect, and when it is used for a long time, some small faults will occur, and the strength of the magnetic field will gradually decrease. Therefore, the excitation effect should be observed in time during use. When the excitation effect is continuously reduced, It is necessary to stop the work in time and carry out maintenance in time.

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