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Why is a suspension permanent magnet a long-life device

Any kind of easy-to-use machinery and equipment is in short supply in the market. The same is true of permanent magnets. Concentrators are always eager for suspension permanent magnet with outstanding performance. When buying equipment, you must review and measure and compare and summarize. Choose the right device. As an old-fashioned magnetoelectric equipment manufacturer, Henderson Magnet has produced a variety of permanent magnet equipment, especially the powerful suspension permanent magnets, which can meet the needs of customers in various aspects.

Suspension permanent magnets are the representative models of high-performance iron removers. Before the adsorption capacity reaches saturation, the iron removal power is very high. Generally, it takes about two years for the newly-used suspension permanent magnets to reach adsorption saturation. Suspension permanent magnets produced by Henderson Magnet have a long service life. Suspension permanent magnets usually equipped with magnetic steel, magnetic blocks and other materials will not easily demagnetize at normal temperature. According to the normal operating instructions, Suspension permanent magnets can last up to 10 years.

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