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Why is the Overband Magnet more long-lived

The outstanding performance of the Overband Magnet equipment is always in short supply in the market. The Overband Magnet is the representative of the high-performance iron remover. The concentrator is always eager for the Overband Magnet. After repeated investigation and comparison, it can be selected. A good magnetic separator device. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of iron separators, Henderson Magnetron has developed a variety of equipment for you to choose from.
As a kind of professional iron-removing equipment, the Overband Magnet has higher power for removing iron before the adsorption is full, and the newly-used Overband Magnet has to meet the adsorption saturation requirement for about 2 years. The Overband Magnet of Henderson Magnetron has a long service life. Generally, the magnetic separator of magnetic materials such as magnetic steel and magnetic block is not demagnetized when used under normal temperature. According to the normal use, the life of the Overband Magnet can be It has reached 10 years.

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