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Why professional suspension magnetic separator

Suspension magnetic separator products are also called non-buffering roller rare earth permanent magnetic separators. Unlike other permanent magnetic iron separators with buffering roller drivers, their driving motors are driven by transmission chains, sprocket chain drives with iron scrapers. Unloading movement of circulatory system such as transmission belt. In decorative building materials, wood processing, environmental protection, ore mining, chemical plants, forging and smelting, grain, light industry and other manufacturing industries.

The reason why the light suspension magnetic separator is more professional is reflected in the following aspects:
1. The structure of the entire equipment is compact, small in size, not many prefabricated components, easy to lift, cost-effective, and can be used in narrow indoor spaces.
2. The overall specifications of the suspension magnetic separator are small, and the length, length and aspect ratio are 70% and 80% of the C type respectively;
3. The hanging magnetic separator uses a ferrite core and a plastic antistatic permanent magnetic material to form a composite magnet. The magnetic induction strength is high, the adsorption force is strong, and it is not easy to demagnetize.
4. The noise is small, and the transmission belt has a full automatic correction function, which can continuously suck iron and unload iron.
5. Light weight, the average value is less than 75% of C-type net weight.
6, sealed sealed bearings, can adapt to extreme natural environments.
7, no need for excitation regulator electromagnetic coil and refrigeration system, low energy consumption.
8. Simple structure and small amount of maintenance can ensure long-term trouble-free operation.
9. The control system can be interlocked with the belt conveyor, with two control modes: manual local control and centralized control system.

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