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Why suspension magnetic separator is an outstanding iron separation equipment

Suspension magnetic separator is generally connected to the connection position between the material conveying pipeline and the conveyor belt. When materials pass through the iron remover, the ferromagnetic substances in it will be adsorbed on the magnetic roller. As the conveyor belt rotates, the ferrous materials are It loses magnetic attraction and is discharged from the iron outlet under the effect of gravity, allowing magnetic impurities to be separated from the material and automatically removing iron. Suspension magnetic separators are widely used to remove ferromagnetic impurities in powder, granular and liquid or slurry. After practical tests, this model has the following performance advantages:

1. Suspension magnetic separator is made of rare earth alloy NdFeB as magnetic source, with long service life, no energy consumption, no pollution, simple structure, easy to use, full grid arrangement of magnetic system, so that the strong magnetic area can be fully Utilization, multi-layer design, layer-by-layer filtration, iron removal is more thorough, and the effect is more significant.
2. Suspension magnetic separator has reasonable structure, compact space occupation, simple installation, and can be used normally when connected in series with powder conveying pipeline.
3. The iron-boron high-strength permanent magnet is used, which has high iron removal efficiency and long service life.
4. The iron removal process of the suspension magnetic separator is completed continuously and automatically. No special person is required to take care of the equipment after the equipment is started.
5. Suspension magnetic separator is very suitable for the closed powder conveying system. It will not escape dust during operation and will not cause environmental pollution.
6. Suspension magnetic separator’s iron removal function is continuous and stable, and the iron discharge operation is performed intermittently (adjustable time interval), so the power consumption is small and the mechanical system friction loss is small.
7. Suspended magnetic separator can be customized according to customer requirements and site environmental conditions (such as A3, stainless steel frame).

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